STRYPER - MURDER BY PRIDE (Vinyl) Yellow w/ Black Splatter

  • Yellow w/ Black Splatter Vinyl
  • 2 Sided Printed Inner Sleeve
  • Includes a 24'x24' Poster
  • Mastered for Vinyl
  • Hype Sticker
  • 2023 Girder Records
  • Limited Run Vinyl
  • 300 Available
  • Originally Release in 2009


Officially licensed from Big3 Records, this 2023 Girder Records Limited Run Vinyl release is on Yellow Vinyl with Black Splatter.  It's been fully remastered by the amazing Rob Colwell @ Bombworks sound. It included am amazing 24"x24" poster. Layout and graphics by Scott Waters @ Nolifetilmetal. 

Stryper is most celebrated Christian rock band there is. Anyone reading this most likely knows the impact that Stryper has had on the scene. From the soaring vocals of Michael Sweet, the guitar attack of Oz Fox to the visual timekeeping (a show all on its own) of Robert Sweet, this band plowed a lot of ground and few would debate their legacy or impact.  

Murder by Pride was released in 2009, a powerful testament to the band's enduring musical prowess and spiritual depth. With this album, Stryper returns to their classic sound, combining heavy guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and soaring vocals to create a collection of songs that are both musically intense and spiritually uplifting.

The album's title, "Murder by Pride," hints at the dangers of excessive pride and self-righteousness, themes that resonate strongly throughout the tracks. Through a blend of melodic metal and thoughtful lyrics, Stryper explores themes of redemption, faith, and the struggles of the human spirit. The album delves into the complexities of human nature, reflecting on the temptations and challenges that individuals face while striving for spiritual enlightenment.

One of the standout qualities of "Murder by Pride" is its emotional depth. The songs are not only musically rich but also lyrically profound, addressing universal themes of forgiveness, humility, and the battle between good and evil. Michael Sweet's passionate vocals lead the way, conveying a range of emotions from vulnerability to unwavering conviction.

The album showcases Stryper's ability to craft powerful ballads and hard-hitting anthems alike. Tracks like "4 Leaf Clover" and "My Love (I'll Always Show)" display the band's softer side, exploring themes of love and devotion. On the other hand, songs like "Eclipse of the Son" and "Alive" deliver intense guitar solos and dynamic rhythms, capturing the essence of Stryper's trademark sound.

"Murder by Pride" is not only a musical triumph but also a spiritual journey. It challenges listeners to confront their inner struggles, question their beliefs, and ultimately find solace in faith and redemption. With its compelling combination of metal intensity and heartfelt spirituality, "Murder by Pride" stands as a testament to Stryper's enduring talent and their ability to inspire and uplift audiences across the globe.




1. Eclipse For The Son
2. 4 Leaf Clover
3. Peace Of Mind (feat. Tom Scholz)
4. Alive
5. The Plan
6. Murder By Pride
7. Mercy Over Blame
8. I Believe
9. Run In You
10. Love Is Why
11. Everything
12. My Love (I’ll Always Show)


Produced by Michael Sweet & Danny Bernini
Executive Producer: Bill Edwards
Engineered by Danny Bernini (tracks), Michael Sweet
(lead vocals) and Kenny Lewis (editing and transferring)
Mixed by Danny Bernini and Michael Sweet
Recorded at Long View Studios, Spirit House Studios and Tongue and Groove Studios
Mixed at Spirit House Studios
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios

Art Direction: Richie “Britley” Hughes
Photography/Cover Art: Gilvan Rangel, Jr.

Additional Musician Credits:
Piano & Keyboards: Paul McNamara
Percussion: Danny Bernini
Drums: Kenny Aronoff
Guitar on “Peace of Mind:” Tom Scholz

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