Resurrection Band – DMZ (Limited Run Vinyl) 3 Colors, Gatefold Jacket + Band Poster

Resurrection Band – DMZ (Limited Run Vinyl) 3 Colors, Gatefold Jacket + Band Poster

  • Re-mastered Audiophile Pressing from Original Sources by Rob Colwell
  • Gatefold Jacket Design with Lyrics and Photos
  • Includes Part 3 Liner notes from JJT (True Tunes) a 3-Part Write-up across all 3 Records. Part 1 and 2 are on the other 2 records.
  • Includes Huge 24" x 24" Band Poster
  • First time on Yellow/Orange Swirl Vinyl (125 units)
  • First time on Transparent Red Vinyl (75 units)
  • Hype Sticker matching Each Colored Vinyl Pressing
  • Limited to just 250 copies world-wide (50 Black)
  • Ships in a Bufferzone Mailer

Resurrection Band back on Vinyl 40 Years later

Resurrection Bands’ Colours (1980), Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore (1981) and D.M.Z. (1982) are 3 of the most iconic Christian rock albums of all time. They have been completed re-mastered and restored from original sources and are now available on vinyl, for the first time in 40 years. Each one comes in high-quality gatefold with historical photos, lyrics and a liner notes, written in 3 parts; one in each release, by none other than John J Thompson (True Tunes). All 3 also include a large 24” x 24” band poster and come in different colors with matching hype stickers. These are truly an elite collectors dream and expected to sell out quickly with only 250 units of each being pressed. 

Vinyl Color Options

Colours is available in crystal clear vinyl with blue, pink and green splatter as well as a transparent royal blue vinyl and of course standard black.

Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore is available in see-thru glacier blue with white splatter, a transparent purple as well as black.

D.M.Z. comes in explosive orange/yellow swirl, a transparent red as well as black.



DMZ (1982)

Mommy Don't Love Daddy was Resurrection Band's third and last release for Christian label Light Records.

D.M.Z. offers some of Resurrection Band's greatest musical moments beginning with "Military Man" a blistering opening track sung by Glenn about the loss of a soldier's humanity in the struggle to survive. "White Noise" Wendi's all-time best raw vocal on a song about the rhetoric of a culture that prioritizes stockpiling arms over feeding children. However the real magic begins with a ninety-second feedback-drenched guitar solo by Stu Heiss that is Resurrection Band's answer to Van Halen's “Eruption" and is generally considered to constitute the single greatest non-Phil Keaggy guitar moment in Christian rock. Area 312" (named for Chicago's area code) is a teenager's lament about the loneliness of the inner city.  It's a heavy album both lyrically and musically and one that we are sure glad graced our speakers almost 40 years ago.  To have it remaster for vinyl is a moment that so many of us though we would never see. 


  1. Military Man (G. Kaiser, Jon Trott, Stu Heiss, Jim Denton) – 3:38
  2. Reluctance – 2:11
  3. Babylon (G. Kaiser, Trott) – 2:33
  4. I Need Your Love – 3:22
  5. Area 312 (Trott, Wendi Kaiser, Heiss, Denton) – 3:54


  1. No Alibi – 4:39
  2. White Noise - (Trott, Roy Montroy) – 3:41
  3. Lonely Hearts – 3:00
  4. The Prisoner – 2:54
  5. So in Love with You (G. Kaiser, Trott) – 3:38


  • Glenn Kaiser – vocals, guitars
  • Wendi Kaiser – vocals
  • Stu Heiss – guitars, keyboards
  • Jim Denton – fretless bass, synthesizer, background vocals
  • John Herrin – drums
  • Steve Eisen – saxophone
  • Resurrection Band – producer
  • Roger Heiss – engineer
  • Steve Hall – mastering
  • MCA Whitney – mastering location
  • Dick Randall – album cover concept and art
  • Pat Peterson – photography
  • Denise Omernick – photography
  • Linda Dillon – photography
  • JPUSA Graphics – other art and layout

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