RANDY ROSE - HEALING (Red-Rose Swirl Vinyl, 2024)

RANDY ROSE - HEALING (Red-Rose Swirl Vinyl, 2024, Retroactive) Black Sabbath/Danzig Inspired Doom!

  • Originally released 1993, Intense Records
  • Part of the exclusive Metal Icon Series
  • Limited to just 200 vinyl copies
  • Drummer and founding member of iconic Christian rockers, Mad At the World
  • 12x12 lyrics insert
  • 2024 write up from Randy Rose to fans
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell
  • Limited number of Mothership CDs in stock (Randy's side project)
  • Several Mad at the World CD remasters (Flowers, Hope +1, Forest) and one Vinyl (Through the Forest)
  • Rose albums also available from Boone's include Songs from the Ritually Abused CD/Vinyl, Demos & Rarities CD, and The Masquerade (2023) CD/Vinyl

The drummer and founding member of the iconic Christian rock band, Mad At the World, Randy Rose hit all the right notes with his doom-laden second album from 1993. HM Magazine called it “a full-on blitzkrieg assault that hard rockin’ metalheads will drool over.” Healing pulls from bands like Black SabbathDanzig, and Trouble. Influenced by Sabbath classics like “Iron Man,” Healing is a masterpiece in part because of masterful writing, but also the accomplished doom-style riffing from guitarist Steve Kamanda. Virtually every track is a riff-tastic earworm. Passionate, unrelenting, pulsating riffs. The kind you grab onto and never let go. The kind you are thrilled to hear, no matter how many times you’ve heard it before. This is an essential dark and heavy classic and the 2024 vinyl remaster on Retroactive Records features red-rose swirl colored heavy-weight vinyl and a 12x12 lyrics insert with band pics, and even a special write-up direct to fans from Randy Rose! Limited to just 200 vinyl records!

1 R.I.P
2 Fallen
3 When I Let You In
4 Seeds Of Sorrow
5 My Lies
6 Hooked
7 Healing
8 D.O.P.
9 Demons
10 Never Enough
11 On My Knees

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