Mastedon - 3 (Double Vinyl 2xLP Gatefold, Clear Vinyl with Gold Splatter)

  • 2xLP  Vinyl Record
  • Clear Vinyl with Gold Splatter
  • Beautiful Gatefold design
  • First time on Vinyl
  • Includes the Bonus Track Dust In the Wind
  • Features Dave Amato of REO and Kerry Livgren of Kansas
  • Also available on CD


2020 Girder Records
Release Date: October 14, 2020
UPC: 765531345739

Features Dave Amato of REO and Kerry Livgren of Kansas of course John and Dino Elefante. This 2xLP Double Album will spin at 45rpm for optimal clarity and is a Clear See-Thru Vinyl with Gold Splatter in a beautiful gatefold with photos, lyrics and more. It's also the first time this album was on vinyl and comes with new and improved original European artwork, from original artist Ken Westphal. The album will also include the amazing bonus track Dust In the Wind. 

You may remember John Elefante and Kerry Livgren from their days with Kansas. You may also remember Dave Amato from Ted Nugent band and REO Speedwagon, and Anthony Sallee from White Heart. But one of the biggest element of this album is John's former Kansas bandmate Kerry Livgren which explains why this album was complete to near perfection. If you are a fan of Christian Rock, you know exactly what this is.  This regrouping of Mastedon has put together the most cohesive Mastedon project to date. Sung entirely by John Elefante, which was not true of the other Mastedon projects and wow do his vocals soar more powerful and believable as ever.

Listen To the New Album

Listen To "Nowhere Without Your Love"


Heralded as the greatest producer of our generation, John and his brother Dino Elephante had their hands in so many releases there is literally not enough room to list them all here. From Petra to Kansas They have done it all. Their name was on the back of so many 80s and 90s releases specifically in the Christian market. You could not go to a Christian bookstore and flip over a CD without seeing the name produced by John and Dino Elefante. There is truly no duo like them. They were the Mutt Lang of Christian Music.

Back in the 80s, John Elefante was lead vocalist for Kansas. He completed three amazing albums with the band and then went on to start at studio with his brother Dino and launch Pakaderm Records in California releasing some of the greatest albums in the Christian rock genre such as Guardian, Halo, X-Sinner, Lovewar and many others. Later moving to Nashville they build The Sound Kitchen as the studio of Choice for all the top artist of today.  But it was their own band Mastedon that got them incredible recognition in the Christian Rock circle. IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE and LOFCAUDIO were released in 1989 and 1990.  MASTEDON 3 WITH JOHN ELEFANTE came years later in 2009 on Frontiers Records (Stryper's current Record label). It was never marketed in the US only Europe.  It features former Kansas bandmate Kerry Livgren which some know from the Christian band A.D. but more notably founding member of the progressive rock band Kansas.

About the Album

Unlike so many bands Mastedon have used the same blueprint that made them popular in the first place to base their new music on. Wonderful silky smooth melodies and hook laden choruses abound on this album and the decision to both hand all the vocal duties to John and to have less guests and a more structured band feel definitely pay off.

In 2010, John, due to contract limitation, was able to get the album released in the USA but under a different name, so he used John Elefante - Revolution of Mind but without Dust in the Wind bonus track.

So this release not only marks the first time that it's been made available in the US but also the first time on Vinyl and contain the bonus track Dust In the Wind.

Remastered for Vinyl this special Limited Run Vinyl release in this amazing gatefold design. 

Track list:
1. Revolution of Mind
2. Slay Your Demons
3. Nowhere Without Your Love
4. One Day Down by the Lake (See You Real Soon)
5. Water Into Wine (Fassa Rokka)
6. Questions (It's About Time)
7. You Can't Take Anything
8. Lying
9. The Western World
10. That's What You Do
11. Dust in the Wind

What Others Are Saying

The Kansas cover “Dust In The Wind” is one of the albums highlights.  Elefante actually takes a different approach here: Instead of an acoustic interpretation he heads in a piano based direction.  And it works.  The songs melody, of course, stands out, as does Kerry Livgren’s blues driven guitar play.  This also deserves to be heard on FM radio.
- Angelic Warlord


Original Pressing are Valuable

Original copies of the CD sell for over $100 consistently. So you will finally be able to get your hands on this very special release for less than 6 Grande Cinnamon Dolche White Mochas from Starbucks.  


John Elefante – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards

Dino Elefante – additional guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Dave Amato – lead guitar 

Kerry Livgren – lead guitar

Anthony Sallee – bass guitar

Dan Needham – drums



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