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JAG PANZER - THE AGE OF MASTERY (*NEW-GOLD VINYL, 2023, Brutal Planet) elite Melodic Power Metal!

  • 12x12 Lyrics insert with awesome band pics
  • Produced by Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Death, Savatage)
  • Mastered for vinyl to perfection by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound (Nevermore/King's X/Accuser/Flotsam & Jetsam)
  • The Age of Mastery the 4th album by American power metal band Jag Panzer
  • Originally released in 1998
  • Lead guitarist Joey Tafolla was replaced by Chris Broderick.
  • "False Messiah" is a Jack Starr cover
  • Often listed as one of the best classic heavy metal albums of the '90s
  • Includes ultimate classics of the band such as "Iron Eagle" or "Chain Of Command."

    Harry Conklin sings like a god, Chris Broderick’s guitar playing is brilliant and the rhythm section is tight as shit. However that would count for nothing, if the songs were not that good. But no matter if it’s the live standard “Iron Eagle,” “False Messiah,” “The Moors,” the title track (although some have argued that the chorus is a bit too cheesy), or the reworkings of older songs like “Lustful And Free,” “Viper,” “Chain Of Command,” or “Take This Pain Away” - this is Metal at its best! Many fans consider this to be Jag Panzer’s best album. Whether or not this is true, this is definitely Jag Panzer’s catchiest.

    METAL-CRITIC REVIEW - 5 out of 5 stars
    The Age of Mastery begins with a bang -- lots of guitar soloing. LOTS of guitar soloing. Lots. "Iron Eagle" is the first track and it's a massive song with blazing solos and a big, big rhythm guitar sound. "Lustfull and Free" is the second track, and it too is a huge song. Great air guitar riffing. And vocals that soar way above the music. An almost Judas Priest sound to this track. Great sing-along chorus. The rest of the CD follows suit, with great guitar-heavy tracks that are more catchy than they are pulverizing, which is the way I like them. Guitars that are too loud or played too fast lose all enjoyment to me. Jag Panzer is the perfect balance between '80s metal melodies and 2002's production standards. For example, "False Messiah," (track five) is a killer song with an '80s metal feel to it. (Very nice riff.) But it's still got that in-your-face production that's so common these days.  If you like your riffs hard, yet melodic, your vocals powerful but clean and your solos plentiful and fast...Jag Panzer's The Age of Mastery is the CD for you. 

    What is perhaps most important about The Age of Mastery is that it shows a band about to embark on a conceptual phase of their career which elevates them from mere power/heavy metal to something more substantial and interesting. The Age Of Mastery is produced by Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Death, Savatage), and feature original singer Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, and guitarist Chris Broderick, who joined Megadeth in 2008. The album is often listed as one of the best classic heavy metal albums of the '90s, and includes ultimate classics of the band such as "Iron Eagle" or "Chain Of Command." The 2023 Brutal Planet Records Gold Vinyl is mastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and comes with a 12x12 full color lyrics insert. This classic has literally never sounded or looked better and comes on a single disc!  This is the ultimate collector's dream for an all-time classic! 

    1 Iron Eagle 5:39
    2 Lustful And Free 4:49
    3 Twilight Years 4:37
    4 Sworn To Silence 3:24
    5 False Messiah 5:12
    6 The Age Of Mastery 4:30
    7 Viper 4:39
    8 Displacement 4:28
    9 Chain Of Command 5:50
    10 Take This Pain Away 4:46
    11 Burning Heart 3:54
    12 The Moors 5:38

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