DeGarmo and Key - This Ain't Hollywood (1980) Mint Green Vinyl, Remastered, Classic Christian Rock

  • Mint Green Vinyl
  • Classic Christian Rock from Early Jesus Music Band D&K
  • Originally Release in 1980
  • Includes 2-Sided Full Color Sleeve, Lyrics and Band Photo
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound)
  • LP UPC: 763416069886
  • 2021 Girder Records (GR1011) / Limited Run Vinyl

DeGarmo and Key were forerunners and pioneers of early Jesus Music.  Their music transcended generations and musical boundaries.  They released 15 albums spanning 3 decades.   Their first three albums This Time Thru (1978) Straight On (1979) and This Ain't Hollywood (1980) have been completely remastered on colored vinyl for the first time ever along with remastered CDs with 8 page booklets, lyrics and photos with LTD Trading Card.  

The band’s third album This Ain’t Hollywood proved to establish a trilogy of classic albums that would stand the test of time. Featuring the opening “Stella, This Ain’t Hollywood,” a plea to evaluate one’s values against eternal destiny, DeGarmo and Key prove to be passionate songwriters. The album also yielded two radio hits: “You Gave Me All,” an infectious slow rocker that charted at #19 and the duet with Amy Grant on “Nobody Loves Me,” which charted at #6 and led to DeGarmo and Key being a part of Amy Grant’s touring band. The album also features the hooky “Love Is All You Need,” co-written with rocker Mylon LeFevre, who is also featured on backing vocals. Mylon would later record this song with his band, Look Up, when he was signed to CBS Records in 1987. This album also became the first Christian rock album to be nominated for a Grammy award. Its timeless songs still pack a powerful punch of conviction wedded to a pulsating beat of rock and roll heaven.

  1. Stella, This Ain't Hollywood 3:24
  2. When He Comes Back 2:43
  3. You Gave Me All 3:30
  4. Never Be The Same 2:55
  5. All Night 4:22
  6. All You Need 3:47
  7. Nobody Loves Me Like You 3:22
  8. Light Of The World 3:01
  9. Over And Over 3:27
  10. One Step Closer 3:28

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