ACCUSER- CONFUSION ROMANCE +3 Bonus (*NEW-Blue Vinyl, 2022, Brutal Planet)

Crushing Metallic Brutality!
ACCUSER- CONFUSION ROMANCE +3 Bonus (*NEW-Blue Vinyl, 2022, Brutal Planet) 9 Tracks of elite German Thrash

  • First time ever on vinyl
  • Limited to just 300 Blue Vinyl
  • Black polylined inner sleeve
  • The original 6 track EP now expanded to a total of 9 tracks!
  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series
  • Full color 12x12 lyrics/pics insert
  • Remastered for Vinyl

When talking about Teutonic (German) Thrash Legend Pioneers it’s essential to speak of 
ACCU§ER with the same hushed reverence as SODOM, KREATOR, and DESTRUCTION. ACCU§ER is a thrash metal band from Kreuztal, Germany that formed in the early 80’s flying the crunchy speed & thrash metal flag with all the fervor of the most intense mosh pit imaginable. Despite not landing a contract with a major label for their early albums, the band continued to release a string of successful underground releases before disbanding for eight years. After Frank and René decided to get Accuser back together, the saga continued with the band releasing one album with Century Media and their three most recent albums with Metal Blade Records. The guitars are energetic and thick as a brick with aggressive melodic vocals. ACCU§ER is the perfect band for those who worship at the altar of technical thrash and speed metal in the vein of classic Metallica, Slayer, Believer, Death Angel, Dark Angel and Deliverance. With such strong lyrical content and musical brilliance, fans can now have access to these previously high-priced collectibles. CONFUSION ROMANCE was originally a 6 track EP, but the 2022 Remaster on Brutal Planet features three additional bonus tracks to make this a full length album with 9 astonishing tracks! These are essential head-bangers!  

1 Head Like A Hole 5:18
 2 Confusion Romance 5:00
3 Cowboy On A String 3:39
4 Driver's Seat
5 Misery (Live '94) 6:00
6 Repent Lyrics (Live ‘94) By – Mary Buck 4:53
7 Black Suicide (Live ‘94) 4:54
8 Master of Disaster (Live ‘94) 6:45
9 Symbol of Hate (Live ‘94) 4:55

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